Ministry of Education, Science and Technology


Directorate of Education Planning

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  1. Policy formulation, guidance and sector oversight
  2. Sector implementation advice
  3. Overall sector coordination
  4. Projects and programme formulation and implementation
  5. Sector Resource mobilization and Sector budgeting
  6. Sector Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Education Data Management

Directorate of Higher Education

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The Directorate’s core functions are aligned to the aspiration of Malawians as spelt out in the National Education Policy as follows:

  1. Provide policy direction on admission, student financial support, student academic support for retention and success in order to widen equitable access and participation in higher education;
  2. Provide policy direction on Quality Assurance and capacity building of academic and technical members of staff in order to enhance quality and relevance of the higher education;
  3. Prepare legal instruments for governing higher education institutions; and
  4. Ensure that public higher education institutions management is efficient and effective.

Directorate Of Inspectorate And Advisory Services (DIAS)

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The Directorate is responsible for quality assurance and quality improvement of educational standards at primary, secondary, teacher training colleges, technical colleges and special needs education institutions. DIAS ensures that there is effective curriculum development and curriculum implementation. It ensures that all schools are inspected for compliance to educational policies and set standards. It also ensures availability of quality teaching and learning materials in schools and colleges.


Department Of Teacher Education - Dted

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The department was set up to ensure a comprehensive and effective teacher education, development and management system that is relevant and responsive to the needs of the nation.

Its mission is to educate and continually develop professionalism of teachers so that they are able to effectively and efficiently deliver quality and relevant education at both primary and secondary school level.


Directorate of Secondary and Distance Education

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The Ministry’s main purpose in providing secondary education is to prepare students for employment in both the formal and informal sectors and to prepare them for further studies in various fields at the tertiary level.  This is achieved by providing equitable access to quality and relevant education which is properly managed and governed.

The directorate thrives toimprove access, quality and equity in secondary education (including access to learners with Special Education Needs), strengthening science in the secondary curriculum; and developing an effective and efficiently managed national secondary and distance education directorate.


Directorate of Basic Education

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Basic Education comprises Early Childhood Development (ECD) which is currently under the Ministry of Gender, Primary Education, Complimentary Basic Education (CBE) and Adult Literacy, also under the Ministry of Gender. The ultimate goal of Basic Education is to provide relevant, quality and accessible education to the Malawian Nation.

According to EMIS 2013, the primary school enrolment figures are at 4,497,541 with boys at 2,247,189 and girls at 2,250,352. This gives an average Gender Parity Index of around 1 which is the ideal. However, past trends have shown that there was more gender equity in the first five classes and thereafter enrolment tended to skew in favour of boys. For example, in 2013 GPI at standard 8 is 0.8 which means that there are more boys than girls in that grade.


Finance Directorate

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Approved budget for the financial year 2013/14 vote 250

Personal Emoluments 44,768,842,629
Other Recurrent Transaction 15,599,516,424
Total Recurrent 60,368,359,054
Donor Funded Projects (Part 1) 4,834,262,284
Locally Funded Projects (Part II) 8,102,900,000
Total Capital  12,937,162,284
Total Vote  73,305,521,338

Human Resources Directorate

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The Directorate exists to ensure that the Ministry attracts, develops and retains appropriate and sufficient human resource for efficient and effective performance. Currently, the Ministry has 81,504 established posts, 11,958 non-established posts and 978 industrial class posts, making a total of 94, 438 authorized posts. 67,000 of these posts are filled, representing 71% of the authorized posts.


Directorate of Administration

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The Directorate of Administration’s mandate is to provide management and support functions. It provides strategic leadership and in the overall administration and coordination of operations of all programmes and projects in the Ministry.

The Directorate plays a big role in the establishment and maintenance of sound management systems in the Ministry.  It also ensures adherence to established Government regulations, systems and procedures within the Ministry.  Through its co-coordinating role and support functions, the Ministry should be able to achieve its overall goals and objectives.

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