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The functions and activities of ICT Department are cross-cutting in nature.  Departments and/or Sections in the Ministry are using Information Technology in one way or another in the execution or delivery of their services.

The Ministry, having noted the dynamics and demands of the modern world, is calling for active adoption and accelerated use of the information technologies as a catalyst for accelerated economic growth and development from early ages of academic instructions.

The ICT Department has two main focus areas:-

  1. Administrative Systems and,
  2. Teaching & Learning Systems.

The ICT Department, through the two main focus areas intends to enhance ICT capacity for Teaching & Learning and the Management Systems.

The Education Sector Implementation Plan (ESIP II) includes short-term implementations matrix for the ICT Department.  The list of actions to be undertaken includes:

  1. Implementation of Education ICT Strategy Plan
  2. Institution of a functional review for the Department, EDMs, DEMs, MCDEs, TTCs, TDCs and schools.
  3. Development and implementation of ICT training plans for ICT personnel and other MoEST staff.
  4. Procurement of hardware & software to increase numbers, to upgrade existing machines and replacing obsolete ones
  5. Development of an inventory system for hardware and software.
  6. Support for the implementation of ODL and e-Learning ICT infrastructure and content
  7. Implementation of new operating procedures for administrative systems such as Payroll, HRMIS, IFMIS, EMIS and others.
  8. Rehabilitation of the MoEST webpage, network infrastructure and provision of an alternative internet solution.
  9. Monitoring and maintaining ICT facilities.
  10. Liaising with relevant stakeholders (DIAS, MIE and MANEB) on development of support materials for Teaching & Learning.
  11. Providing any other ICT services support to the other Directorates and Sections of MoEST, including support for Higher Education for Science and Technology (HEST) project, secondary school selection, the Education Management Information System (EMIS) and the District Education Management Information System (DEMIS) systems, among others
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